Flue Systems

Flue Systems - All our flue pipes are imported from Italy

Representing the highest level of SAVE quality , laser welding ensures these carbon steel pipes perfect welding. Internal / external vitreous enamel coating baked at to 850`C provides exceptional resistance against corrosion by combustible condensate. The flue pipes are 1.2mm thick with the enamel coating and are perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as soot fire without being damaged or modified. We have the Matt Black flues : sizes: 125 , 153, 180 and 200mm diameter. In the matt Black range we stock :

Matt Black Flue

304 Stainless Steel Flues imported from Italy.

304 Stainless Steel Flues

Double Insulated Flues with Clip-Lock System in 304/316 Grade Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel Flues

Imported from Italy - available size 155mm diameter and the grade is 316s stainless steel.

Flex Liner